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Name: Betsy
Contact: [ profile] adanska
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Character Name: Jacky M. Faber
Age: 20
Species: Human
Canon: The Bloody Jack series by LA Meyer
Canon Point: Midway through Wild Rover No More, conveniently enough right before she joined the circus in that book
Character Info: Here
  Jacky is an ultimately optimistic person. Once, while on transportation to Australia, she wrote a letter to her fiance and said that though she tried to be glum about it she couldn't help but see the bright side in it, already plotting and scheming to improve her life. Although she does suffer from PTSD due to the war (usually showing itself via chronic, screaming nightmares whenever she sleeps alone) and periodic periods of overwhelming depression (referred to by her as 'the black cloud'), that overwhelming optimism is honestly her true state of affairs.
  She is a quick thinking former street rat, and frequently her need for financial stability can cause her to bite off more than she can chew. This is a frequent source of conflict in the books; some notable examples being stealing a prize ship from the British Admiralty (which resulted in her letter of Mark getting revoked and a price put on her head) and secreting away a nice little portion from a salvage operations that she worked to pay off said prize theft (which led to her being transported to Australia).
  The 'mom' friend, she fusses over and cares for anyone she thinks needs it (her fellow ships boys, the baby she cared for while a child on the streets herself, her two wards Ravi Faber and Joan Nichols, etc). It is in all likelihood a combination of genuinely caring but also a facet of being in charge; she knows better than her friends what they need, and she'll make sure their lives fall in line or so help her. This, as you may imagine, does not always go over well.
  Jacky considers herself, ultimately, to be a cowardly sort of pacifist; during most battles she is terrified that she is going to die, and it's all she can do sometimes to keep her knees locked and her face free of blubbering. A serial flirt, she thinks of herself as a good girl, 'mostly', and knows she's a bit odd for the time, but she figured a long time ago that there wasn't any point in not trying to live the best life you could. She knows what society expects of her, sometimes playing to those expectations, most times bucking them entirely.
  Jacky is a normal human, albeit a quick thinking one. She's a good shot and a decent swordsman, but her skill lies more in manipulating events so she doesn't have to rely on those skills. She can also swim and dive, which is a rarity in her time, ride a horse, do scientific drafts, dance, scamper over rigging like a monkey, and so on and so forth. She also fair decent as a spy, due to her great skill at lying (ie acting) and thinking on her feet. Canonically speaking, although I'm technically pulling her from just before this point, she does work as a rope-walker while hiding in a circus, so like really.

Soul Colour: Yellow-Orange
Ideal Jobs: Either showman, talker, or both.
Relevant Experience:
  Being a consummate showman herself, Jacky has frequently had to drum up her own business and keep customers entertained all over the world. She's a pretty decent Crier, and her acts are very vaudeville. She can sing, dance, play several instruments (violin, pennywhistle, squeezebox, guitar), act, and write plays of utter popcorn trash. She also learns well, and could very well have picked up some acrobatics in her near-year with the carnival (she learned a passable level of corps ballet in only a few months; nothing to sing home about, but she learned it).
Carnival History:
  Jacky came in just before Wizard world, completely willingly. She's currently on the run due to (false) accusations of Treason, so she's hiding out until she hears that things have been resolved. (Of course, being a fairy carnival, the odds of her ever getting word from home is slim to none, but she doesn't know that) Her time in the carnival has so far been full of a lot of excitement and also much weirded out ness (utopia world was just wrong, but she absolutely loves her goggles she got in steampunk world), but it wasn't until the Vampire World that she got thrown, and got thrown badly. Perhaps one of her closer friends in the carnival died, perhaps they left, but either way Jacky found herself back on a battlefield with friends and crew dying around her. Just like Trafalgar, just like Jena. The Black Cloud came in, and came in hard. This was probably the only time she desperately wished to break her contract and go home.
  The summerlands helped greatly to restore her equilibrium, and by the time they started pulling jobs at the Crossroads she was her cheery showman self again. Maybe with a few less smiles than she'd manage to gain over the past year, but still more than she came in with.

Existing Contract:
  A year and a day contract due to sneaking into a show.
  While trying to decide if the carnival was what she was looking for or not, Jacky snuck into one of the sideshows as is her wont. Unfortunately for her, she wasn't expecting to get nicked, but she's serving her year with good cheer. Her year is almost up, but knowing what she knows now about the boons voluntary service can bring, she's planning on sticking around.

Current Changes:
  • [COMMON] Patches of emeralds dotting her face and shoulders like freckles.
  • [COMMON] Slitted cats' eyes; if she got a cat's night vision to go with, she hasn't noticed.
  • [COMMON] Slightly elongated limbs, just enough to trigger an uncanny effect (and also enough so that she did have to relearn some fingerings and her marks during her acts).
  • [COMMON] Even more patches of emeralds, now on her belly (just missing her tattoo) and her thighs.
  • [UNCOMMON] Supernaturally flexible; she has used this new ability for much personal amusement and petty evil.



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