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Tag: Jacky Faber

Name: Jacky Faber.
Canon: The Bloody Jack Series.
Canon Point: Post-Canon; then spent five months aboard the Moira
Age: 20 21 (hit what would have been her birthday in January, relatively speaking).

  A fairly concise history.

  Aboard the Moira, Jacky settled into her job both in the Crow’s Nest and as a bartender-slash-entertainer at the bar (despite...really not being all that up and on with all the new-fangled space technology), making several friends aboard. She enjoyed her time off ship, although the downturns of the trips left her rather worn thin (notably, Caducus Primacy imploding and the Link’d In soulmate nonsense both threw her badly, albeit for different reasons), which sparked an appearance of The Black Cloud rolling in. That said, her mood had finally began to rise again, and despite being imprisoned and the whole to-do with the children, she was able to joke about their rotten luck. Before disappearing, she had reached the rank of Aureax.

  Despite all the hardships she’s encountered, Jacky is ultimately still a fairly optimistic person. She’ll often feel guilty over not being prostrate with grief while stuck in situations not of her choosing, but has come to the conclusion that it’s just her nature to enjoy herself in whatever small ways she can. That said, due to said hardships, she experiences periods of depression (which she refers to as ‘The Black Cloud rolling in’) and has fair to mild PTSD, which usually expresses itself in the form of chronic nightmares where she relives all her near death experiences and all the actual deaths she has witnessed. Both of these things can be lessened by the comfort of her friends, and she does not like to sleep alone.
  She is very outgoing and makes friends easily, but not even her charms can win over everyone (and, in a different set of social mores, many of her tricks might not even work, playing on the preconceptions of the cultures and social mores of the early 19th century). Out-going, gregarious, and bright, Jacky is a consummate showman, always conscientious of giving the audience what it wants (she is also, not coincidentally, an excellent conman).
  Fairly open-minded for her time, she is still a British girl from the turn of the 1800’s, and it takes a bit of nose rubbing to get her mental tracks to turn. Once they do, however, she is remarkably even minded, accepting that different people do things differently.
  Having travelled to a good chunk of the ‘known world’, she isn’t all that fussed about travelling to new places with new people. Her sense of adventure has become a bit dinged over the past year; she claims to just want to stay on her friend Amy’s farm and never do anything to catch the eye of anyone again, but realistically, she is meant for adventure, and a sedentary life does not appeal. Also, as the Head and CEO of Faber Shipping (Worldwide) and the benefactor of the London Home for Little Wanderers, she needs to be out optimising her money making for all those who depend on her for their livelihoods (although, all things being even, much of her desire for money comes from her years on the street, which she acknowledges but still like many other people she prefers to think of her more altruistic reasons than her negative).
  Despite being in many battles and altercations, Jacky still considers herself to be a rather cowardly sort. She has a healthy and strong sense of fear and her own mortality, and being inside her own head knows that she’s not very brave, even if others tote her as so. Notably, while running messages with a group of ‘Clod-Hoppers’ in Napoleon's army, she was captured by the Prussian’s and was lined up to be executed as a spy. She tried to put on a brave face (the ‘Primm’ face), but she couldn’t stop herself from crying and her knees from shaking and nearly lost her water; the men, who swooped in to her rescue, thought that she was a perfect patriot, strong and silent in the face of death for ‘his’ country (and of course, that’s the version that gets around).

  Having been a sailor for roughly half her life now, Jacky is very good at not only sailing but its various parts. She is agile and quick and has impeccable balance from running about in the rigging and on the wet decks, she knows how to navigate across seas she has never been as long as she has a halfway decent seachart, and she knows how to get her bearings from the sun and the stars. She is also excellent at various projectile weapons, from handheld pistols to rifles, and small grape-shots to ship-killer canons. She can calculate aim in her head based on previous experience and adjust accordingly.
  Her other skills are more human in nature. Having been a spy (and, in fact, being recruited for these very skills), Jacky is very good at pretending to be other people. She knows five languages conversationally, and knows words and phrases in two others, all picked up within seven years. She is good at presenting as both a man and a woman, albeit in the more narrow viewpoints of the 19th century. She is also incredibly skilled at multiple instruments (the violin/fiddle, the flagolet, the accordion/squeezebox, and the guitar being the ones she uses most) and at singing and dancing; her usual way of making money in strange lands is by putting on musical acts.
  Ultimately, what might be her greatest skill is her ability to land on her feet. Multiple times over the last eight years she has found herself alone without friends or any of her things and has always managed to keep her head and escape, if not rise to the top of the situation.


  • Clever and good at thinking on her feet, Jacky is good at spur of the moment battle plans and also laying out deceptively simple traps and tricks to deal with others too big or important to fight one on one.

  • Being both a street urchin and a ship’s boy on a Royal Navy ship, she’s both scrappy and agile. She prides herself on being able to scale anything.

  • She picks up skills very quickly, especially with any sort of decent teaching (languages, mathematics, horseback riding, shooting, swordfights, etc...).

  • Very good at making friends.

  • Is an excellent sailor.

  • Small and chronically underfed, she doesn’t have a lot of baseline strength. In a one on one fight with someone taller and heavier than her that she can’t outwit or trap, she will most likely lose.

  • Her greed and faith in her own abilities can and do often land her in hot water. Roughly a third of all the shitty situations she’s gotten into have been due to her own actions.

  • Comes from the 19th century and while fairly enlightened and adaptive for her time, she has no real exposure with current technology, let alone future space technology.

  • Tends to over rely on her charms, and is always taken aback when people DON’T like her.

  • Also tends to over-conflate the ideas of beauty with goodness, and has made several poor choices because of this.

Items: was wearing her ι uniform with her shiv up one sleeve and her pennywhistle up the other.

Network Sample: Here!

Prose/Action Sample: Aaaand here!


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