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01/10/15 -- Harry Hart A pleasure to meet you, roomie.
01/10/15 -- Elizabeth DeWitt Making friends over a radio
15/10/15 -- Ratchet Jacky's an A+ Navigator on a real ship.
15/10/15 -- Elizabeth DeWitt Books books everyone loves books.
17/10/15 -- Ratchet Storm Advisory (Jacky isn't exactly bringing her 'A' game).
17/10/15 -- Ratchet The first time they meet face to face (its a disaster).
27/10/15 -- Zhou (event npc) Ask a question get an answer.
31/10/15 -- Peridot A wrong number is nothing to get so worked up about.
31/10/15 -- Ratchet She is so easily amused (and Ratchet so patient).

01/11/15 -- Jacky Top Level What Jacky did on the planet.
01/11/15 -- Miles Vorkosigan Jacky finds someone in the Library and walks out with another job.
01/11/15 -- Peridot A small middie too scared to go outside (aka Jacky pulled a shiv on a 'child' jesus wept)
01/11/15 -- Meh Yewll Of wigs and things.
01/11/15 -- Elizabeth DeWitt Girl's night out at a tapas bar.
15/11/15 -- Natasha Romanoff Gravity went out and Jacky got a scar to match her other eyebrow.
19/11/15 -- Ratchet The planet is imploding and these civilians need help.
20/11/15 -- Elizabeth DeWitt Jacky finds Elizabeth pinned down
20/11/15 -- Ratchet Jacky has a breakdown please don't mind her.
20/11/15 -- Metabee Bonding over the fact a FREAKING PLANET DISAPPEARED!!!
27/11/15 -- Miles Vorkosigan I see rumours of your death...were actually right on the money.
27/11/15 -- Elizabeth DeWitt Tea Party, complete with Jacky blubbering about her fiancé or some shit.
28/11/15 -- Elizabeth DeWitt and Peridot A card catalog has been set up!

01/12/15 -- Peridot A difference of philosophies.
05/12/15 -- Rosethorn Hanging out in the gardens.
05/12/15 -- Mabel Pines Kids in the Casino!
09/12/15 -- Miles Vorkosigan I get the bar if you kick it, right?
11/12/15 -- Eggsy Unwin Fancy a cuppa?
12/12/15 -- Eggsy Unwin Two lower class louts talk over tea.
12/12/15 -- Niko Bellic War is awful and we need more vodka.
12/12/15 -- Adrian Clarke Long Island Iced Teas and drugs what could possibly go wrong.
17/12/15 -- Ratchet Checking in (aw Ratchet cares about his backwards human friend 8D).
18/12/15 -- Loki Laufeysen Belated beer for the birthday boy.

01/01/16 -- Ratchet Ratchet deals with a hysterical Jacky.
01/01/16 -- Elizabeth DeWitt And Elizabeth gets some hysterics aimed in her general direction.
01/01/16 -- Lara Croft Muddy bloody buddy! Aka Jacky gets to pull rank and hang with a fellow Brit.
01/01/16 -- Sans Cracking some punny jokes.
01/01/16 -- J.M. Austen So, two diva's walk into a bar...
01/01/16 -- Varric Tethras Varric dicks around and Jacky eats and actuafax orange.
01/01/16 -- Sam Flynn Jacky knows nothing about MIDs but she knows enough to not go poking around.
01/01/16 -- River Tam Treat her right, and she'll be with you 'til the day you die...
01/01/16 -- Elsa Jacky helps a newbie to their room.
01/01/16 -- Kairi Two girl adventurers bond over their place in the universe.
01/01/16 -- Bucky Barnes Jacky and Bucky talk about space and plays and guns.
01/01/16 -- Steven Universe Jacky pulls a shiv on Steven; dances a jig in apology.
01/01/16 -- Rosethorn Jacky has a new goal in life: acquire wind knots.
01/01/16 -- Kazuhira Miller Playing with cats and talkin' 'bout war--yanno, the uzh.
01/01/16 -- Pepper Potts Jacky serves a very fancy lady a Martini.
02/01/16 -- Megatron Jacky gets the ever-loving crap scared out of her (this is why we don't sleep behind the bar, Jacky).
03/01/16 -- Papyrus Offering everyone hugs might not be well advised but she likes the cut of your job, kid.
03/01/16 -- Elizabeth DeWitt Somehow we went from the Language of Flowers to coming clean about being a spy. Oops.
04/01/16 -- Napoleon Solo Jacky loves breaking the news that there's definite time-travel involved.
04/01/16 -- Wanda Maximoff Quick lets blow this popsicle stand.
04/01/16 -- Tali'zora Being pretty is such a hardship in this future (quick, lets razz on Ratchet!).
05/01/16 -- Bruce Banner Bruce and Jacky ditch and have a fucking wonderful conversation wherein he teaches her how to take pics.
05/01/16 -- Ratchet Which she promptly spams Ratchet with.
07/01/16 -- Lara Croft Good thing those crowds kept Jacky late...
07/01/16 -- Eggsy Unwin Eggsy leaves Jacky the cutest fucking earrings holy hell.
07/01/16 -- Harry Hart Jacky immediately asks her roomie for help. She may or may not be crying.
7/01/16 -- Sans Sans is a Wallflower and Jacky once again pulls her shiv on someone (but not as a threat).
11/01/16 -- Wanda Maximoff Girl's Night? Count her in!
18/01/16 -- Steven Universe Let's start a band!

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